Hello! We welcome you to Vyfuky!

Do not let our strange name fool you or make you doubt our seriousness. We have been in the business of the automotive industry for nearly twenty years. In that span of time, we’ve come to realize that pairing people with their dream cars is more than just having the right set of cars in the lot.

Started by the Moore family, it is now headed by the second generation son Randy Moore. He uses his family-grown knowledge about vehicles, travel, and sales to the benefit of his clients. Our motto being “connecting you to the car of your dreams” has not changed no matter how much time has passed by.

Vehicles aren’t just technological and mechanical marvels. They’re used as luxury pieces that help to really build a sense of self and sense of achievement. After all, not everyone is able to purchase their own vehicle. Even if they do, not everyone knows how to fully utilize it to its best capacity. If they manage to do so, they lack the understanding on how to care and make sure that it’s well-maintained.

We’ve grown our brand since then. We have discovered that we are pretty good at providing information that can help other facets of the utilization of vehicle purchases. We now also delve into the discussion of travel and how vehicles can help to elevate experiences. Of course,  we will still maintain our regular service offers at your convenience

If there is anything is particular that we can help you with, please let us know. Your thoughts and concerns are very important to us. Help us further improve our services by understanding more about you and your needs. You can reach us at info@vyfuky.net and one of our highly trained personnel will get to you at the soonest reasonable opportunity.