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Small Car, Big Dreams: Looking at the Opel Astra

by Willie Mills
Small Car, Big Dreams: Looking at the Opel Astra

Hello and welcome back to another article! Can we just say we’re extremely glad that we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from all of you! Other than the fact that business is clearly booming, we’re also glad to have a pretty consistent readership. We’ve received quite a few emails and calls about our articles and we are truly humbled with your responses!

As such, we would like to say that we are going to continue with our articles and hope that you’ll find them to be truly helpful in your hunt toward the car of your dreams. In light of that, we wanted to take a look at one of the cars that we constantly get inquiries about: the Opel Astra.


This particular car was build by the German carmaker Opel. It was first conceptualized and launched in the mass market in 1991. Its build belongs to the smaller category but this doesn’t mean that it is not spacious. Thos in the UK will know this particular brand and model as Vauxhall Astra. One of the things that we find fascinating about cars is that you can be talking about the same car but you can be calling it with an entirely different name, especially when you think about luxury car hire in Ibiza.

Market Reaction

When this car was released, there was a massive outpouring of positive reviews. It was small enough to be considered to be a choice for female drivers but the quality was solid enough that it was marketed primarily for families.

This car actually won Semperit Irish Car of the Year in 1992 so you know you’ve got a good car on your hands here. The Opel Astra is a front-wheel drive. What we found interesting about this car is that it effectively became a favored racing car. Not bad for something that was pushed as the car for families.

The Astra’s visage is generally considered to be one sexy silhouette which is why it is often featured in magazines and personal blogs. While there have been several incarnations or series in this particular model, it has only gotten sweeter with time. While there are some countries that will have to live without this car model due to tariff and production cost issues, the Astra continues to be one heavily desired car to date.

To Conclude

This compact car will be something that will endure and stand the test of time for several reasons, like when you rent a Porsche in London. It’s stylish, functional, and it’s a quality car despite the price. In fact, this car model and brand continue to be produced in several locations in the world. In the world of cars and the latest models, it’s quite a big thing when a certain model is still in consistent demand.

It is good to remember that those that produce cars are in it for the profit and the quality of service that they can give consumers. We believe that this car is a good mid-range car for young professionals and small families that want something sleek in appearance but can earn her keep.

What’s your personal take on the Opel Astra?

Infographic by: Business Insider

Four Reasons Why the Daewoo Nexia Continues to Win Hearts

by Willie Mills
Four Reasons Why the Daewoo Nexia Continues to Win Hearts

One of the annoyances (or great things—depends on your point of view) about vehicles is that there are certain cars that are only made in a certain number or produced within a certain time period. This means that for those who are big fans of certain car models, they will only have a set amount of time to obtain it at the retail price before it goes up higher because they turn into collector’s editions.

Today, we wanted to take a look at one of the more classic cars that have been pretty popular in its heyday. Actually, if there are people who are lucky enough to find a well-maintained one, this particular car is still considered to be a keeper.  Of course, we’re talk about the Daewoo Nexia.

What is the Daewoo Nexia?

This particular sedan was released in 1994 and was able to attain much success in several countries like Germany, USA, India, Chile, Thailand, and Iran—to name a few. What we find quite interesting is that it came in a three-door form and a five-door form. It is this form that enables vehicle owners to really be able to choose the form that suited them best.

Let’s take a look at four particular reasons why this particular car remains to be one of the more popular car models:

Value for Money

When the Daewoo Nexia first hit the market, it was easily one of the more affordable cars that anyone could hope to buy. It was definitely one of the budget friendly cars released in 1994. Even now, it is still one of the more affordable cars at $4,800 at a secondhand rate. Most cars at this cost would normally be either super old or are two-seater antiques.

Reliable Speed

Most sedans often taper off their speed because they expect the owners to look for something that’s slower. However, the Daewoo Nexia clocks at around 155 KMPH which is a pretty reasonable ask for a sedan.

Sporty Yet Functional

One of the reasons why the Daewoo Nexia is a favorite for a majority of newbie car owners is because of the sporty look that it has. While most sedans will take on a more subdued look to convey stability and family-friendliness, the Nexia took on a sleeker and fashionable look to it. In fact, in Korea it was called the Daewoo Super Racer. So if you’re the type to go in for something sporty, this is a great choice.

A Classic

This car stopped being produced in 1997. This means that if you were planning on obtaining one, you would either have to go through a collector or a secondhand car lot. In terms of usage, being a classic doesn’t hamper it at all. If you want something that’s an ode to an older time but still want functionality and sporty, Daewoo Nexia is a good choice.

To Conclude

We don’t blame car enthusiasts at all for still falling in love with this car whenever they see it. It’s a great combination of function and form!

Why do you think people still fall in love with the Daewoo Nexia?

Infographic by: Pinterest