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Planning a Vacation? Best Places You Can Drive To

by Willie Mills
Planning a Vacation? Best Places You Can Drive To

We asked some of our clients what one of the biggest reasons why they considered purchasing a vehicle. It did not surprise us in the least when one of the top reasons was to have a vacation with their family. Road trips are often best when you and the people you are with are wholly comfortable with the trip.

The trouble with the whole car rental scene is the fact that when you rent out a vehicle you have to factor in a lot of different things like:

  • Traffic – rental companies often rent vehicles per hour. So if the traffic is pretty bad, you’ll end up having to shell out a bit more money to cover any late fees.
  • Gas – rental companies often ask the renters to either hand over a credit card to cover any gas usage or even charge an extra amount to refill back to full tank.
  • Topography – rental companies will often prohibit the usage of certain car types in certain terrain. Or if they do allow you, you had best be sure that you will be hit with a ‘damage fee’ or some variation thereof.

As you can see, renting out a vehicle can be a source of a ton of headache. This is why it is best to have your own vehicle when it comes to road trips. So if you’ve managed to obtain your own vehicle and are around the general Ottawa area, we’ve got a list you may want to pay attention to. We’re going to list the best places that you can drive to.

Kanza Park

We highly suggest that you visit this area because it’s relatively close if you’re just planning on breaking in your engine. This park is a pretty good place to stretch your legs. They boast of a walking path that’s nearly a mile in its length. You’ll get to enjoy the view of the storm water pond and get a solid cardio workout.

Mushroom Rock State Park

This one is a little further than Kanza Park. Located in Rock City, you’ll be able to see hundreds of boulders in this park. If you’ve ever wanted to see nature in its purest, this is where you go. You’ll get to see what millions of years of erosion can do to a landscape. Mushroom Rock State Park is an important historical site as it was used as the landmark for the pioneers that were passing through and trying to tame the land. Interestingly, this place was also used as a grand meeting place for Native Americans.

To Conclude

If you’re wondering why our suggestions are usually parks, this is because Kansas has a lot of them. One of the benefits of being landlocked is that you get to enjoy some pretty pristine rock formations. You also get to see the routes in which the water and the river take to reach its destination. Kansas has a lot of places that would be a pretty good choice for a vacation.

What particular destination would you consider driving to?

Infographic by: The Wonderer